Rescue Diver

Many experienced divers consider the PADI Rescue Diver course to be the most important in their diving education. Being an advanced diver after completing the Advanced Open Water Diver training you can take care of yourself, do the planned tasks and feel confident underwater. It’s time to take care of others too. In addition to you, there are other divers under water, for example your dive partner, other divers in your group or even other diving groups in the same place and at the same time. The Rescue Diver course will teach you how to recognize potential threats, anticipate what can happen to anyone under water. You will be able to react quickly and prevent a potentially dangerous situation. This training will teach you how to rescue.

The Rescue Diver course consists of theoretical classes and practical sessions. During these classes you will learn the procedures of selfrescue, controlling stress, first aid in diving and solving hardware problems. Practical sessions are the exercise of various scenarios that can meet you during the dive. You will practice providing help in and outside the water, reactions of the panicked diver, ascending useing a spare air source, first aid on the surface while taking out the equipment. You will learn about the procedure of the missing diver and how to deal with pressure injuries, all while having great fun.

You must have your own equipment on the PADI Rescue Diver course. During the training you will receive cylinders with air and weights. You will also get specialist equipment. If you do not have an item, you can rent it.

Swimming pool sessions are not obligatory but recomended. You will practice selfrescue procedures in confined water.

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PADI Rescue DiverAdvanced course

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PRICE: 900zł
Price includes

– 5 theory sessions
– 2 days open water trainings (rescue scenarios)
– Education PADI materials
– Specialty equipment
– Certification fee to PADI

Price doesn’t include

– Travel to open water diving sites
– Local diving center fees
– EFR training (obligatory for Rescue Diver certification)

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