Boat Diver

Are you planning to take part in a diving safari or go on a diving trip, where you will dive from a boat? Not to any dive site you can get from the shore and a swim in a diving boat or a pontoon (zodiac) is the only solution. It is worth knowing what rules are on the boat and how to move on it. The purpose of the Boat Diving course is to familiarize you with the rules applicable on the boat. During the course, you will learn the basic terminology associated with the boat, you will get the knowledge that will allow you to navigate the dry and wet zones, clarify and store your equipment so that it will not be damaged and will not cause any injuries when the boat tilts. Entering the water and going out on a boat after a dive is governed by its own laws, which are logical and for many obvious, but which must be said and practiced.

The course includes:
– theoretical discussion
– 2 open water dives

PADI Boat DiverSpecialty course

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PRICE: 300 pln
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