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Divemaster is a dive guide that has extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The PADI Divemaster course develops managerial skills, prepares you to supervise dives and help the instructor during courses. This is the first professional PADI degree. During the training you will complete a number of skills both in open waters and in the pool. You will do a dive site map and check in before the dive, as well as conduct a post-dive overview. As a Divemaster, you have the skills to deal with hardware problems both underwater and on the surface. You will run a simulated or real diving program under the supervision of your instructor. You will practice during instructor-led courses and when working with certified divers.

To participate in the training you must meet the following conditions:
– at least 18 years old
– possession of a PADI AOWD certificate or equivalent
– PADI Rescue Diver certificate or equivalent
– logged in min. 20 dives in the dive book (60 dives are logged in to receive certification)
– possession of a document confirming completion of the course of first aid
– certificate of medical examination signed by an authorized physician

As a PADI Divemaster, you’ll be an authority for other divers. Therefore, you will be required to have extensive knowledge of diving. You will study theoretical issues in 5 areas

water environment
planning recreational RDP dives

You will check your knowledge by completing a series of tests that will also help you consolidate it.
In addition to theoretical knowledge, you’ll also learn how to use the Instructor Manual, the basic PADI Instructor Handbook, which specifies how to conduct all PADI diving courses.

You must have your own diving equipment on the PADI Divemaster course. If you are missing an item, you can rent it for the duration of the training.

At the pool, you will demonstrate mastery of 24 skills that will be assessed. As a PADI Divemaster, you must be able to perform the exercises that students are required to do on various diving courses because you will have the right to practice them with them and help them pass them. As a Divemaster candidate, you will do internships and assist in real courses, which will allow you to polish your “workshop” and, consequently, build authority

As a Divemaster candidate, you will also assist in open-water training and practice your skills as a certified diver guide. One of the programs that Divemaster PADI can run is Discover Local Diving for certified divers, which is why you will be able to discuss diving before entering the water, prepare a map of a local dive site and conduct an underwater trip.

divemaster padi wrocław

PRICE: 2599zł

The price includes

– Theoretical classes
– Pool classes
– Open water classes
– PADI educational materials
– Cylinders and ballast
– PADI certification fee

The price does not include

– Travel expenses for open waters
– Diving equipment
– PADI materials & certification

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