Advanced Open Water Diver

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Advanced Open Water Diver

AOWD is your next step in diving education. The goal of this course is to improve your skills that you have previously learned. You don’t have to be an advanced diver to take this training and you can start it right after the OWD course. Now your vest inflator ceases to be the center of your interest and you focus on performing tasks such as underwater navigation, searching for and recovering sunken things, swimming with an underwater scooter or using a flashlight during night diving. This is your time for adventure. If you have just finished basic training, the AOWD course gives you an extra 5 dives under the guidance of an instructor, which will increase your self-confidence under water, allow you to “swim” and allow you to pursue your passion.

The AOWD course is 5 dives with assigned tasks. Two tasks are compulsory: deep diving and underwater navigation. The other three you choose together with the instructor from among a wide range of dive Adventure m. excellent buoyancy, night diving, wreck diving, underwater photography, scooter diving and many more. During a deep dive, you will learn to plan your time underwater and the depth you want to dive into. Underwater navigation will ensure that you do not lose your orientation and always return to the place where you started diving, night diving will teach you how to use the flashlight and communication with it. The variety of tasks to be carried out is very large and what you choose depends on you and what interests you.

You should have your own equipment during this course. You will receive from us air cylinders, ballast and specialist equipment needed to perform course tasks such as a compass and buoy. If you miss an item you can rent it.

padi advanced open water diver wrocław

PRICE: 1500zł

The price includes

– 5 dives with overview
– PADI educational materials
– PADI certification fee
– Cylinders and ballast
– Equipment needed for Adventure dives

The price does not include

– Base fees on departure
– Pool fees if needed
– Rental of missing equipment

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