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Instructor Assistant Development Course

If you like people, have a passion for diving and want an extraordinary life – become a PADI Instructor. Teaching diving allows you to share your love of the water world with others. Are you ready to join the group of PADI professionals? As a PADI Instructor Assistant, you can help the instructor conduct training, you will become a mentor, gain experience by participating in practical and theoretical classes while training new divers. Becoming a PADI Instructor Assistant is a great way to broaden your knowledge and gain experience that you will use during your OWSI PADI instructor course. By taking part in the PADI Instructor Assistant course, you not only gain additional skills and experience as a PADI diver, but also take an active part in continuing the education of the PADI training system. Thanks to this course, you will learn more about PADI’s activities in promoting recreational diving and creating its positive image.

The PADI Instructor Assistant Course will familiarize you with the teaching system as well as start teaching you to develop your pedagogical skills. It will introduce you to techniques of teaching diving skills and diving theory. This course will prepare you for the IDC instructor course. During the course you will develop knowledge through self-study, quizzes, lectures and presentations. During pool and open water classes you will participate in the assessment of the skills of candidates for divers. During the course you will take part in six lectures. You will also conduct at least two presentations of teaching in the pool (confined water), two presentations of theoretical lectures and one presentation of teaching in open waters, consisting of two exercises.

You will find that during the course you will most often use two materials:
“Candidate’s Exercise Handbook” and “Instructor’s Handbook”. In addition to this you’ll be
also needed other PADI manuals, tablets, slides, videos and
recommended books.
– The ‘Candidate Exercise Handbook’ contains repetition tests intended for
self-study and outline IDC lecture programs. Is a structure
making notes easier and includes forms and other tools
helpful during the program.
– It is good practice to review the relevant lecture and related one
test before lectures on a given day. It will help you remember
independently acquired knowledge and formulate questions regarding the given
– The “Instructor Manual” is the basic source of information for an instructor on how to conduct various PADI courses and programs. As an Instructor Assistant you must be able to move freely around it.
– PADI course textbooks, teaching materials and placards are props that students and instructors use during training. As an Instructor Assistant you should have your versions.
– Your diving equipment and suit must be functional and local
conditions. Make sure your equipment is properly – modeled –
configured (streamlined system, secured hoses).

To successfully pass the PADI Instructor Assistant certification, you must:
– complete repetitive tests in the “Candidate’s Handbook”
– take part in all activities
– receive a minimum level of grades for your presentations (lectures, swimming pool, open waters)
– pass the exam on PADI system, standards and procedures
– positively pass the demonstration of exercises

In addition to the powers of the Divemasters, Instructor Assistants can:
– conduct theoretical lectures on PADI courses under the indirect supervision of a PADI instructor – the PADI instructor must personally assess the level of knowledge mastery of the students,
– present pool skills under the direct supervision of a PADI instructor during pool classes,
– assess surface diving skills during training dives as part of the Open Water Diver course under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor,
– teach and certify as part of the PADI Excellent Buoyancy course
– independently teach and certify the PADI non-diving specialization – AWARE Project,
– independently teach and certify PADI non-diving specialization – Coral Reef Protection,
– independently conduct the Discover Scuba Diving program at the pool,
– carry out PADI Seal Team underwater missions independently,
– teach and certify on PADI non-diving specialized courses, after becoming certified as a PADI Specialization Instructor,
– teach the PADI Digital Underwater Photography course under the supervision of a PADI Instructor, after obtaining the Digital Underwater Photography Specialization Instructor certification.

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PRICE: 2499zł

The price includes

– theoretical sessions
– pool sessions
– PADI educational materials
– Entrance fees to the pool
– open water activities

The price does not include

– Costs for additional pool activities (if needed)
– Travel expenses for open waters (for yourself and for the instructor)
– PADI membership fee

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