Enriched Air NITROX

Enriched air? Enriched with what? An OXYGEN. Enriched air (NITROX) is air in which part of the nitrogen has been replaced by oxygen. Less nitrogen means slower saturation of the body with this gas, and therefore longer diving. In recreational diving NITROX is used to extend the no-decompression time at a given depth, which allows the diver to stay longer, for example to make a time consuming footage, composing an epic picture or looking for a turtle in the underwater meadow. Using enriched air also shortens surface intervals for repetitive dives, and this allows you to wait shorter for next dive without exposing the diver to danger. On the course you will learn how to independently plan a dive on NITROX using tables and a dive computer, analyze the composition of the breathing mixture in the cylinder and methods of its preparation. You will also learn the procedures, safety rules, benefits of using NITROX and the risks.

The course includes:
– theoretical classes

PADI Enriched Air DiverSpecialty course

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