bubblemaker nurkowanie dla dzieci


Bubblemaker is a pool diving program for children from 8 to 10 years old. This course is primarily fun and learning through play. If your child is not afraid of water, immersion under the surface and breathing using diving equipment will be an unforgettable experience. During the classes, children take part in various games and thus learn the basic principles of swimming in diving equipment. Under the guidance of an instructor, they acquire proper diving habits. Each child is equipped with complete diving equipment in a size suitable for him. Classes are conducted at the pool and the maximum depth is 2 meters. Classes last a minimum of 90 minutes. Part of the time is a theoretical introduction discussing the twisting of diving equipment, safety rules, basic diving signs. During classes, participants learn how to properly put on and use a mask, snorkel, fins, buoyancy vest, regulator and pressure gauge. If you decide that you want to join your child during classes, you can dive under water with him. Each participant gets a set of PADI materials including a towel with an emblem, a diver’s book, a toy, a patch, a diploma and many more.
As a souvenir, each participant will receive photos from the classes taken both on the surface and under water.

kursy nurkowania dla dzieci

PRICE: 500zł

The price includes

– 1 pool classes with an introduction
– PADI educational materials
– Entrance fees to the pool
– Diving equipment for the duration of the course

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