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Underwater Navigator

Diving is great fun. Admiring the underwater coral reef or exploring the wreck, all scuba diving has a great time. However, one has to come back sometime and it means to be able to find a way back. At this point, everyone is looking at each other or looking for a guide. Having navigation skills is extremely useful and highly appreciated by other divers in the group. Despite spending more than an hour under water and swimming a long distance, experienced divers can successfully reach a designated point, thanks to the combination of natural navigation techniques (observation of the environment) and the ability to use tools such as a compass. In the course, you will learn techniques that will allow you to point back and you will not have to ascend to the surface to see where you are. Thanks to the knowledge provided during the course and exercises you will be able to find characteristic navigation patterns, use the compass, estimate the distance under water and create your own map of the dive site. Underwater navigation is very necessary regardless of what dive you do, but especially important during night dives, diving on wrecks and when searching for sunken things.
The course includes:
– theoretical discussion
– 3 open water dives

kurs nawigacji podwodnej

PRICE: 599zł

The price includes

– Theoretical classes
– PADI educational materials
– Open water dives
– PADI certification fee

The price does not include

– Travel expenses for open waters (for yourself and for the instructor)

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