Wreck Diver

Diving on wrecks is the most fascinating specialty for many divers. Wrecks are usually ships, but also carriages, planes and cars. Among them you will find wrecks from open to novices, to those available only to more experienced technical divers. The aim of the course is to teach trainees a methodical approach to wreck diving in order to enjoy the relics of the past. Trainees will develop the necessary techniques to conduct such dives within the limits of recreational diving without disturbing the gentle underwater life. The best way to learn wreck diving procedures is to put them into practice. On the course you will learn about the procedures of wreck penetration and navigation. You will increase your knowledge of the law of diving on wrecks, avoiding dangers, searching for wrecks, equipment for wreck diving and proper interactions with underwater life present on wrecks. You will use the knowledge gained during 4 dives on wrecks, where you can demonstrate planning and mapping skills.

The course consists:
– theory sessions
– 4 open water dives

nurkowanie wrakowe, kursy nurkowania Wrocław
PADI Wreck DiverSpecialty course

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PRICE: 500 pln
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