Search & Recovery

Many factors can affect the success or failure of any exploration and extraction carried out underwater. Particularly important are surface conditions, underwater visibility, depth, bottom topography, bottom composition, vegetation, accessibility, waving, tides, currents, precision of bearings, water temperature, contamination, obstacles and dangers. The size, weight and dimensions of the searching item also play a significant role. Divers involved in exploration and mining do not affect these factors. There is one aspect of exploration and extraction to which they have influence – the organization. Therefore, the aim of the course is to teach students a systematic, methodical approach to searching for and extracting sunken objects. The trainees will develop techniques related to locating and retrieving lost small and large objects within the limits of recreational diving, while avoiding disturbing underwater life. The way of searching  is a real art, while the rules applied to work are firmly rooted in science. During the course you will learn and practice the techniques of locating sunken things, you will train navigation and learn how to use the underwater lifting bag.

The course includes:
– theoretical discussions
– 4 open water dives

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PADI Search & RecoverySpecialty course

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