Seal Team
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Seal Team

PADI Seal Team is a program for children who have obtained the Bubblemaker diploma. This is a continuation of diving education, which consists in completing 5 Water Missions. By playing, your child will learn how to perform the basic elements necessary for proper diving. During underwater missions, participants will learn to assemble diving equipment, breathe under water without holding their breath, regulate their buoyancy and immersion depth, equalize pressure in the ears and mask, communicate under water using diving signs and many other skills. Completing all 5 missions means obtaining the international PADI Seal Team certificate and the opportunity for further education. The next stage is specialized missions and there are 10 of them. Your child will learn most of the exercises and acquire skills that include full diving training. After the program participants will win the title of PADI Master Seal Team (Super Seal Commando). Each mission is one pool activity that lasts min. 120 minutes and max 180 minutes. Each participant will receive a package of materials during the first class. During classes, children are equipped with full diving equipment adapted to their height.

kursy nurkowania dla dzieci

PRICE: 400zł

The price includes

– 1 pool classes (Underwater Mission) with an introduction
– Entrance fees to the pool
– Diving equipment for the duration of the course

The price does not include

– PADI educational materials (PLN 150) for the entire program

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