Open Water Diver

If you are reading this, you would probably like to see the world underwater. Are you interested in what it is like to be there and observe marine life, beautiful reefs and majestic wrecks? Do you feel that it can be an unforgettable adventure and you want to participate in it yourself? We invite you to the PADI – Open Water Diver course, where you will take your first steps in diving, start breathing underwater, you will hang in the depths and finally you will get your first diving certificate in the most popular and widely recognized PADI diving organization. PADI has been trusted by millions of people who have completed the training and obtained a certificate recognized around the world. AQUANAUT offers you PADI training, guarantees the highest level and safety as well as unforgettable moments that you will spend with us.

To enroll in the PADI Open Water Diver course you must be at least 10 years old. You must have basic swimming skills, be in good physical condition and have an enthusiastic attitude. We do not require previous experience with diving. With us, at your own pace, you will learn all the knowledge and skills you need.

The course consists of 5 theoretical sessions, during which you will learn the basics of what rules the underwater world, how it affects the human body and what equipment is needed for the diver to spend some time underwater. We will introduce you to the principles of safe diving in order to make you feel comfortable during swimming lessons and open water dives. You will have enough time to get to know and practice at your own pace. If you don’t have enough time, you can learn theory and pass quizes in the e-learning version, online on PADI websites.

During the course you will learn how to use basic diving equipment. We will familiarize you with diving equipment so that you can use it yourself, know how to adapt it to your own requirements and know its capabilities. During the course we will provide you with a complete diving equipment, we recommend that you have your own ABC (mask, snorkel and fins) after the first swimming pool classes.

After the first theoretical classes, we will select equipment for you and start a series of 5 pool sessions, during which we will conduct exercises and we will practice skills, techniques, procedures and principles that you will learn during theoretical classes. Comfort and safety are the most important during these classes. You will have as much time for exercise as you need, until you decide that you are ready to take the next step – diving in open waters.

During 4 open water dives you will use all the skills you’ve practiced in the pool. You will use the knowledge you have acquired so far. To carry out this part of the course, we can choose a place that is convenient for you, eg the “Płotki” lake near Piła city, where you will see the Jurassic underwater park, the “Zakrzówek” in Krakow or the warm waters of the Red Sea in Egypt.

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PADI Open Water DiverBasic course

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PRICE: 1550 pln
Price includes:

– 5 theory sessions
– 5 swimming pool sessions
– Education PADI materials (starting kit)
– Swimming pool fees
– 4 open water dives
– Diving equipment for the course
– Certification fee to PADI

Price dosn’t include

– Costs related to travel for open water dives

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