Deep Diver

You do deep diving to see, do or experience something that you can’t at a smaller depth. Deep dives are short due to the short no-deco time limit and air supply, so you must make decisions about the goal you want to achieve. The aim of the Deep Diver specialty course is to prepare the diver for proper planning and organizing the no-decompression dive to a depth of 40m. During dives, you will learn specialized equipment and procedures used in deep diving, in particular emergency procedures, the influence of depth on the assessment and performing a simple task, apply previously learned techniques that were previously used for diving at lower depths, perform safely safety stops during each dive and simulated emergency stop, you will observe pressure-squeezable compressible objects and colored objects at a greater depth.

The course includes:
– theoretical classes
– 4 open water dives

PADI Deep DiverSpecialty course

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PRICE: 600 pln
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