Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Diving with an underwater scooter is a pleasure. Thanks to them, we can travel much longer distances under water, we lose less energy and use less air. Scooters are made for underwater travel, we use them when we have a long distance to swimm or we want to search a larger area. During the training, we will teach you how to use an electric scooter underwater, its principles of operation, safe handling, operation, and all precautions when using it. You will also learn the rules of entering and leaving the water with a scooter and we will teach you how to anticipate and control emergency situations. You will also learn how a scooter is built, its maintenance and balancing. During the dive you will be able to brake and twist and maintain proper buoyancy and all this with great fun.

The course includes:
– 2 open water dives with discussion
– optional pool activities

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PADI Diver Propulsion VehicleSpecialty course

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PRICE: 500 pln
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