Adaptive Support Diver

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Adaptive Support Diver

PADI Adaptive Support Diver is a specialized course for divers who want to accompany other divers with disabilities. Partner diving is the basis of safety and every diving instructor, regardless of the federation in which he trains, puts it first. During diving training you learn about the partner system, learn to respond in safety situations, communicating underwater using signs and anticipation. When your dive partner is a non-standard person with a disability, your presence as an underwater dive partner is even more visible and requires focus and awareness. To be a good “dive buddy” for such divers, you should know their limitations and possibilities, understand their way of diving, know how they are doing underwater in their own individual way, how to communicate with you with their own set of signs so that you can understand and react to them. This training will broaden your horizons and help you believe in your strength and competence underwater. PADI Adaptive Support Diver is also a training that may be an idea for you how to activate people with disabilities in your environment, because diving is a way of rehabilitation, spending time together, detachment from reality, occupation for the body and mind. Everything is in your hands.

The course consists of a theoretical session during which you will learn different types of disabilities and techniques for assisting people with disabilities. You will learn how to understand their physical and mental limitations. You will learn how restricted divers cope underwater and on the surface, what ways they came up with to perform basic activities such as dressing up, assembling equipment, entering the water and much more. You will see for yourself what they will need your help and what they will not need. You will learn about hardware differences that are customized.

During the course we use standard equipment in which we swim and train. The classic configuration is as simple as possible. If you use the equipment you prefer, tailored to your needs or individual preferences (long hoses, wings, boards with bags, etc. …) already in the pool classes you will find that it was not the best idea.

The training includes a pool session that focuses on transfers, entrances and exits of the water, assistants and communication, as well as showing, adapting and practicing skills based on the skills and limitations of the student. Exercises focus on assessing accessibility, organizing dives and adjusting skills to an open aquatic environment. During the class you will simulate various disabilities to “enter the skin” of a disabled person. When training people with physical and mental challenges, you will learn to focus on what they can and not on what they cannot.

Open water activities include recreational diving, logistics, preparation and organization. You will learn how to proceed from the moment you arrive at the dive site until you leave it. You will simulate various disabilities and work with other students who, like you, will simulate a lack of vision, hearing, para- and tetraplegia.

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PRICE: 900zł

The price includes

– Theoretical sessions
– Pool sessions
– Educational materials
– Entrance fees to the pool
– Open water dives
– PADI certification fee

The price does not include

– Travel expenses for open waters
– Diving equipment except for cylinders and ballast

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