Peak Performance Buoyancy

The Peak Performance Buoyancy course is designed for all divers who do not feel confident underwater, have concerns that they will not maintain the depth that they will be “stuffed” at the safety stop or feel that they “bear” one side. These are typical symptoms of problems with their own buoyancy. When diving in a group, we offen see a diver who has perfect trim, does not waving his arms and hangs majestically in the water. It looks as if it does not cause any problem, while other people are struggling with the BCD inflator in their hand, trying to get trim waving their hands and are usually overweighted. Maintaining excellent buoyancy comes with training and hours of diving. This is not a skill that can be learned from the textbook. Nevertheless, to speed up the learning process, some theoretical introduction is needed to learn the basic rules of physics that affect the diver in order to understand what is happening to us underwater, why turns us over, legs fall down and uncontrollable deeper breath begins our journey towards a surface that we can’t stop. On the course you will learn theoretical principles and practice the skills of proper balancing, using various functions of your diving equipment, which you probably didn’t use until now. You will do exercises that will allow you to hang in any position, which will improve your self-confidence underwater. You will be able to configure your equipment so that you have the perfect figure underwater, whether you dive in fresh or salt water, whether you have steel or aluminum cylinders and whether you will take heavy video equipment with you. You will be able to hang over the bottom without disturbing the local life and enjoy its close presence.

The course includes:
– theoretical introduction
– 2 open water dives
– pool activities (optional)

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PADI Peak Performance BouyancySpecialty course

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PRICE: 400 pln
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