Night Diver

Natural human curiosity pushes divers to see the underwater world at night. What you’ve seen in this place during the day doesn’t look the same at night. Animals behave differently, some sleep and others only now can be seen. On the course you will learn about the specifics of night diving, navigation, diving signs and use of lighting. You will be able to choose the lighting that is convenient for you and you will see differences between them. Diving at night teaches you how to focus on visible things, what you shine with a flashlight. It requires the ability to maintain buoyancy using your senses and finding reference points and most importantly staying close to your partner.

The course includes:
– theoretical classes
– 3 open water dives

nurkowanie nocne, kursy nurkowania Wrocław
PADI Night DiverSpecialty course

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PRICE: 500 pln
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